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Renters, there is no cost to Join!!! Have a great Vacation.......

Each home has a private contact bar at the bottom of each page, to request any/all information directly from owner.

OwnerVacationRentals.com is an exciting new website designed to help rental property owners get the most out of their valuable assets while helping guests get the most out of their vacations. Our long-term objective is to strive for Quality over Quantity so as to provide the best level of service for the price. (Renters, there is no cost to you. Just a melody of great homes, villas, and condominiums to choose from to meet all your needs and desires so that you and your family can "Have a Great Vacation.")

Property owners, please review the FAQ's section below to find out about our wonderful site. If, at the end, you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to send us a note at owner@ownervacationrentals.com.



How do I list my property?

At the top of any page in our site, you will find several icons. Click on "Join Us" to go to the Registration Page. From there, just fill in all the fields to get your property registered with us.

Can you add my listing for me?

If you provide all the necessary information, we would be more than happy to do the work for you-at no additional cost.

How can I change a listing once it has been posted?

Simply log on with your ID and password. Then click on "Edit Property." From there you can make your modifications. It's that easy!!

How often and at what times may I make changes to my listing?

You can access your file and make changes, add photos, alter information, etc. at any time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

New Feature: Bulk Emails?

1. As an Owner vacation Rental Company - we receive individual request - we would like to pass on to you.

2. For the more popular areas, such as Hilton Head, Orlando, Destin, etcc....unlike other sites - we are broken down into

and Condominiums

and do not have hundred of listings - the person requesting, should be sending with size and accommodation in mind. Your email will state if it is a BULK-mailing.

As a rental property owner ourselves - we use every lead as a valued prospect. They may not "know" they are looking for your wonderful property - a quick e-mail with a link may be all they need to change a date or location.

If you do not have the week the person is looking for -do not respond (maybe save the e-mail for a future update mailing - our next new feature!!!!!) You do not have to registered for Bulk - emails and can add or delete service as needed.

As the rental year goes on, we start filling in, but vacationers are still looking constantly, sending 30 e-mails is very time consuming - we as owners on the net - need to make it as easy as possible - so those harder weeks to fill in will come with repeat viewers.

What is meant by Quality over Quantity?

We are dedicated to providing the best service possible for the price paid. By focusing on the Quality of the product rather than trying to squeeze in as much as possible, we are better able to achieve that goal.

For that reason, our destination areas are broken down into four categories-Homes, Villas, Condominium, and Bargain Weeks. This format allows less congestion on the pages, easier access to exactly what the customer is looking for, and a clear definition of where they are looking.

How are destination properties categorized?

We start in our Home Page by neatly listing available "destinations," or popular vacation locations. A potential customer can click on the destination of their choice. From there, they will be given a choice of the four types of amenities available. Once a choice is made, the listings that fit that category will be shown. The customers simply click one that interests them to read the details of that property. You, as the property owner, are then contacted directly by email or at a phone number which you provide.

This allows us to concentrate our advertisment budget to just these areas. All other listing are place on our sister site AVacationRental.com which has a large link on Owner Vacation Rentals.com If you would like your property listed on both sites you will need to register for both sites and pay seperate fees.

In addition to the USA main resort destinations, we are adding the following categories:
    Ski by Owner
    Europe by Owner
    Caribbean by Owner
    Mexico by Owner
    Hawaii by Owner

How long does it take for my listing to appear?

Once you enter the information for your property on the Registration Page, youwill be listed within 48 hours. There are no approvals and no delays.

How much does it cost to list a property?

    $149 for one year, 3 photos included.

These are flat fees for each property. Since we are focused on Quality over Quantity, we do not offer discounts for multiple listings. However, any advertiser may encourage potential customers to "Ask about our other properties," in their advertisements.

How do I make payments?

We take secured Visa and MasterCard credit cards as well as personal checks and U.S. money orders.

Can I put links on my advertisement?

We have designed our site for quick and easy navigation. We would have no control over external links and the direction they might take our visitors. Therefore, to keep all property owners at a fair advantage, we are not allowing links at this time.

Does your site use Availability Calendars?

YES. This feature is available to add when registering your propert. It will be the responsibility of each owner to keep their calendar updated..

    Renters can determine if their vacation dates are open

    Property owners would have to maintain the calendar. A mix-up might result in a lost booking or multiple simultaneous bookings.
    We have booked many weeks to people looking for a different week by offering the open opportunities.

It is your choice.

Bargain Boxes

This feature allows property owners to post upcoming weeks being offered at discount prices. Visitors can view the weeks along with the discounted prices and connect directly to the property's page.


Owner Vacation Rentals.com is a Vacation Planning Dream.

Renters can find exactly what they are looking for with minimum time and effort. Owner Vacation Rentals.com is also the quickest and most cost effective place for owner's to successfully advertise their vacation homes.

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